John C.A. Juergens, Attorney at Law         Attorney John C.A. Juergens

Legal counseling for:

          Bankruptcy - Chapters 7 and 13

          Domestic Relations - Divorce/Dissolution, Separation Agreement, Custody/Visitation, Shared Parenting and Civil Protection Orders

          Criminal - Traffic, Misdemeanor, Felony, Juvenile, and Protection Orders

          Estate Planning - Last Will, Living Will and Power of Attorney

          Probate - Full and Relief Estates, Adoption and Guardianship, Name Change

          General - Warranty and Quit Claim Deeds, Evictions and Contracts

Serving Clark and Surrounding Counties for Over 30 Years

Lady Justice


When you're facing a challenge in your life, there's no reason you should have to go it alone. Don't suffer financial turmoil in silence anymore! If your are considering filing bankruptcy, allow me to assist you in receiving protection under the Federal Bankruptcy code. Stop those harrassing creditor phone calls and constant overdue reminders. Chapter 7's completely wipe-out most debts while allowing you to keep your property and Chapter 13's allow you debt consolidation - freedom of one monthly payment, to manage, maintain and meet your financial goals. Have questions, I have answers. Let me, a trusted Attorney, start you back on the road to financial independence today!

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Marriage Contract


You don't have to be at fault, and you don't have to place blame. You just want out of a bad situation without making it worse. Divorce is difficult and even dissolutions sometimes need fine-tuning. Don't represent yourself; many have experienced loss of income, property and family-time when their legal rights could have provided more security after a marriage has fallen apart. Let my 30 plus years experience help you navigate the rough waters of domestic relations court.

Fighting for your right to be a present parent? Let me fight for your right to be that attentive parent, and enjoy raising your precious joy. I have helped many get shared parenting and custody of their children. I have also assisted in getting child-support and spousal-support payments lowered.

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Criminal Defense


You are going through a very dark moment in your life and fear that no one can help. Facing loss of your privileges, freedoms and even your reputation. I understand this difficult time and am here to help, not judge. Let me assist you in your traffic mishaps and mistakes, and help you stand your ground against the prosecution when you are facing time. For both adults and juveniles, I have faciliated many dismissals or acquiring lesser charges for misdemeanors and felonies. Don't go it alone; plea not-guilty and call me swiftly.

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Last Will & Testament


It is not morbid to plan for the inevitable. We all get to a point where we suffer illness. And we will all die. It is a natural part of life that is difficult. However, it doesn't have to be a burden on those who survive you. Life insurance policies are a good start but who gets that money if your beneficiary dies before you? How do you envision your final resting place? Who will take-in your beloved pet? What will come to be of your life's assets? Creating a Last Will and Testament shows more than responsibility, it shows love. You thought of your family and what they will need in your absence. You memoralized your final wishes that the Probate court, in an estate, will likely uphold.

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Probate court is the most difficult court to be in. The situation that brought you to need to file an estate is devastating by itself, but then you are bombarded with stacks of papers to file, bills to pay, and property to be disbursed. You need help. You need John C.A. Juergens, Attorney at Law. For more than 30 years, I, John Juergens, have assisted in preventing common delays and expenses associated with filing an estate. I have assisted in all types of estates including full administration estates that involve assets in excess of $40,000 and Relief from Administration of an Estate involving assets $40,000 dollars or less. Vehicle and residence transfers done promptly and bank accounts cashed out for the benefit of those left behind. Let me and my office prepare the unbelievable amount of paperwork it takes to process an estate and make burying your loved one a little less painful.

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Children       The fragile elderly are the past and present, and precious young ones are our present and future. Whether you're providing a safe home and loving environment for a child or adult, your family is important to me. Let me assist you with your adoption and guardianship needs.

Legal Assistance


Sometimes it's the little things in life that need a firm, guiding hand; a boost in the right direction.

There are renters that refuse to make their payments, to landlords that don't live up to expectations.

Contracts needing drafted or negotiated, or maybe you just want solid advice to ensure the wording is correct and weighs in your favor. Fact is you can immediately improve your negotiating position with my experience behind you!

You may have just bought your first residence, or upgraded to a newer, larger model and need the property rights transferred.

From general advice, to negotiations and settlements, basic deeds, lengthy contracts and civil evictions, legal matters can get messy. Call me today for the legal counsel you need and deserve.

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